DM Weil Gallery

At over 3,000 square feet, the DM Weil Gallery may be the largest modern art gallery in New York’s Hudson Valley. Just a short drive from the center of picturesque New Paltz, the DM Weil Gallery offers the look and vibe of an exclusive Soho style exhibition space, but with the majestic Shawangunk mountains as a backdrop.

While the art on the walls — the eye-popping abstract creations of acclaimed painter DM Weil — has been praised by critics and collectors alike, the gallery’s mission statement remains, “Why Can’t Fine Art Be Fun?”.

Our goal, therefore, is to provide a total entertainment experience, to stimulate all of your senses, and to help you have as much fun as possible during your visit.


Visitors to the DM Weil Gallery are rewarded not only with walls exploding with colorful contemporary paintings, but also with complimentary wine, espresso and other goodies. The gallery even boasts a carefully restored 1911 Grotrian Steinweg grand piano, which provides the basis for many of our free mini-concerts.

You will have the opportunity to spend time with the artist herself, DM Weil, and to learn the story behind each painting.

For those with a deeper interest in the artistic process, tours of DM Weil’s adjacent studio are also available.

In line with our goal of bringing great art into everybody’s life, we offer both DM Weil’s originals as well as giclees and paper prints in a wide variety of sizes, and at prices to fit every budget.